One area of home security system technology that has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years is CCTV or �closed circuit� TV technology. If there ever comes a need for you to do some �fact finding�, simply bring in a disguised camera and hook it up.

Are your employees ripping you off? Is your wife or best G/F, heaven forbid, romping with other men or even other women while you are away working to keep bread on your families table? How is your baby sitter actually treating your kids while they are entrusted in her care?

The answers to these and many more questions that you may have are all now possible thanks to new super small CCTV cameras that come in any of a number of disguises. This is because todays new CCTV systems use a DVD to record on, so you can simply click through it just like you would any other type of DVD or CD. In fact, it has advanced so fast and at the same time become so affordable that many people with existing home security systems have been left out of this new trend.

In fact, you can even have CCTV plugs installed around your home or business that function in the exact same way as a plug for cable television or cable Internet service. Is it a thermostat for your air conditioner on the wall or a new CCTV Cables manufacturers miniature CCTV camera? Only you will know unless you open your mouth.
What this means is that new aspects can now be added onto your home security systems that you may not have even thought of.

Don't worry about having to spend hours looking through video tape on fast forward either. For instance, new technologies in disguised miniaturized CCTV cameras now make it possible to far more effectively see whats is going on �inside� your home or business when you are away