Some cameras hidden in everyday objects, such as on a clock surface, behind a wall mirror, a mug, a wall framed puzzle of a smoke detector / fire alarm, etc.

Most home Security Camera are small and can be connected to a monitor using wireless technology, is weather resistant, and record images during the day or night.

First you must know how many cameras you need, and decide where you want to install them before you go shopping.

You need to shop around when you want to save money on your home security system. Consult a professional if you are not sure Video Baluns Suppliers what kind of frame rate you are looking for. In addition, there are cameras for every type of application: infrared night vision, high-resolution day / night switch from color to black and white under a certain light, waterproof and can withstand pressure at 50 meters below the sea.
� You must protect a building with more than 30 cameras and you have a solid infrastructure and a competent IT department to configure and maintain the system. Knowing where and what you want to record will help you determine what type of cameras you need.

Determine your need to get your cameras record in B & W or color. Purchase and installation of such a system could save your home from damage from illegal entry. These are no longer just for business and public areas. Be aware that color cameras may not work well in low light situations. You may need a camera to monitor your backyard while you may need a completely different camera to monitor a narrow dark hallway in your home.

Apart from these two cases cited, there is no point in using IP camera for IP camera:

�It does not exist in all shapes and sizes
�It is more expensive than analog camera
�The disadvantage to have the judder and image quality worse than an analog camera
�It requires a PC to use it. It should be well protected from tampering. There is specialty surveillance cameras record only when motion is detected, many homeowners consider this type to be more practical. Everyone knows that a computer running Windows can crash at any time
�It consumes a lot of electricity through the use of computer
�It is difficult to use and maintain if you're not an IT professional.

Here are some tips to help you find the suitable cameras for your home. Color cameras are more sophisticated and show a clearer, detailed picture, but they are pricey side.

Digital Analog Camera

Analog is the CCTV Camera for a long time and the technique has improved over time. Image processing of analog cameras is digital! It is called as the analog signal at the output is analog, that is to say, transmitted by a coaxial cable as the antenna cable TV.

Surveillance cameras allow the homeowner to watch over his or her property as security, where they can scan areas not easily seen from the inside. The smaller camera is less than 1 cm wide and its purpose is only 1 mm in diameter.

In recent years, much has been heard of the CCTV Camera. Online shopping can help you with that and you have a wide range of cameras, which you can browse and select. For your information, the cameras television studios are analog cameras to 3 sensors. As a result, image quality and fluidity is similar to what you get with a camcorder. You do not even have to be a billionaire to buy one and you can even install one yourself., these are even more convenient treatment CCTV Connectors Manufacturers of homeowners. It is made to be connected directly to a cable network.

In most cases, the analog camera is always more interesting because it exists in all forms, it gives a clearer picture and you can also view the images through a local network or Internet through digital recorders. On the other hand, installation, maintenance and use of a system of analog cameras with DVR are accessible to everyone and do not require computer skills. The user can see the image on his computer. This type of camera is interesting in two cases:

� You only need a single camera to view the image through your local network or Internet. Also consider where the power sources will be placed.Today, many homeowners are taking advantage of this type of security.

Analog cameras do exist in all shapes and sizes.
Determine the amount of detail that you expect to see from the Security Camera you buy, because the frame rate of the camera directly affected by the details that you expect to see. If the frame rate is high, then the quality of your image will be more. Its signal is compatible with standard monitors or TVs composite video input (A / V or SCART).