Traffic congestion and accidents are often noticed with the help of a CCTV camera, which is part of the system that monitors traffic. The sets of monitors that receive the signal from a CCTV camera are specific and their number is limited. Such cameras will be found in amusements parks, to make POE Switches Suppliers sure that no one is endangered when a ride starts, or on subway trains, to confirm that no person will be injured by the closing of the doors. Especially, women feel quite secure due to the presence of CCTV Cables manufacturers these cameras in crowded places.

CCTV cameras can also be installed for safety, not just for security. People have also started installing CCTVs at the entrance of their homes and other susceptible areas. They are helpful in monitoring the staff and getting them to work in a desirable manner. For the CCTV surveillance to be successful, it is necessary that perpetrators know of the location of the cameras. It is an easy way to resolve issues in between the employees. However it may disappoint you, CCTV cameras have a number of advantages that make them an important part of the security system today. The most common feature of CCTV is that of being used for surveillance, and , therefore CCTV security cameras are most likely to be found in crowded places or places where security is a must, such as airports, banks, ATMs, military facilities, casinos, etc. They follow you everywhere; you go shopping, to the hospital, bank, coffee shop, airport, they track you down every moment.


Cameras in the school set-up are helpful in picking out the defaulters. These help in controlling activities like smoking, drug use, vandalism, eve teasing and the like. These are a great support if you are alone at home.

CCTVs create disciplined environment in the work area and catch any sort of undesirable behavior. Even employee harassment would not go unnoticed in the presence of CCTVs. The CCTV cameras help a great deal in deterring crime in places like railway stations, banks, hospitals and other crowded areas where the eye of the police may not reach. When children know they are constantly being observed, they would avoid any kind of behavior that would result in punishment.

CCTV cameras where initially used inside government facilities and when they began to be used outside these facilities, it was primarily for security inside banks. The registration plates of a car are sometimes read with the aid of a CCTV camera and the owner is fined in case of misconduct in traffic. CCTV security cameras are now used successfully in parking lots and statistics show that car crime was significantly reduced after the installation of such cameras. It also prevents theft in the office. The footages recorded on the CCTVs have proven to be of great help in a few criminal cases too. On replaying these videos, one can clearly see what exactly took place at the scene of crime. A CCTV camera can also be found in a corner shop or a gas station, if the owner chooses to install one in order to ensure protection for customers. However, the system has experienced such a growth and the expenses of purchase and installation of a CCTV camera have dropped so much that it is now affordable and advisable for individuals to have their own CCTV security camera inside their homes.

The CCTV cameras that are gaining popularity every passing day are not very well accepted by all. Unlike broadcast television, a CCTV security camera doesn't transmit the signal openly. The CCTVs are being considered by the government for use in residential societies and colonies to keep a tab on crimes and local crooks that undertake them. The footages recorded also help at the time of lawsuits and they also monitor any sort of fraudulent activities.

CCTV is the abbreviation for closed circuit television and it refers to transmitting a signal to specific monitors