When you choose Time Warner Cable for your television needs you also might consider them for your phone and Internet needs too.  The number of channels, wireless networking, price, etc. are all among the benefits that you may want to consider.Time Warner Cable provides a digital service with nearly 300 different stations.  You can choose from many packages.  The traditional cable companies by and large do not offer so many channels with their basic package. If you are a big movie buff, you can enjoy almost 50 different movie channels.  The digital quality Time Warner Cable offers will make your movie experience an excellent one.  You will be pleased watching movies from your home and won't have to go out to the movies. Road Runner Internet Service offered through Time Warner Cable allows you to have many computers online at once. You dona€?t have to worry about an analog line where only one person can use the home phone line at a time.  It can be frustrating when you need to get work done using your computer, but your children are always using the computer.  Now you can simultaneously have more than one computer online and use your phone.  If you plan to share files and folders that are on your computers, you may wish to create a network in your home.  Time Warner Cable Internet will make it possible for you to have several home PC's.  Computer at Home is very much essential and useful. There are so many hardware companies who sell computers of various types with different features, but the clever choice should be for speed and reliability of the machine.The phone service offered through Time Warner Cable is another excellent advantage of switching to Time Warner Cable because it is very low cost.  You may currently take advantage of a phone line that enables you to converse with loved ones across America and Canada, even in Puerto Rico, at any time.  Paying the same monthly amount is the only difference.  Additionally, the company doesn't deceptively charge you for your long distance calls.  You are not limited to the time of day or week you can call your family members either.  Now, no matter when you talk, you will pay the same amount on your bill each month.  Obscene long distance charges that ran you hundreds of dollars monthly on your telephone bill will be a thing of the past when you order Time Warner Cable Digital Phone.You will be able to save a great deal of money by bundling all of these services through Time Warner Cable. Customers get a reduced price when they sign up for all of the services.  You can now save hundreds of dollars a year on your phone, Internet, and cable.  You will no longer have three separate payments as they will all be on one bill.Time Warner Cable the right choice for all your phone, Internet and cable needs.   Time Warner Cable has revolutionized the digital world.  Your phone bill will not increase, but your television experience will be better than ever and you'll never have to worry about your high-speed Internet not being reliable.