CCTV is increased in the areas where increased need for security, such as banks, airports and town centres.There are also Pc based DVR which is very popular.Major television networks and movie studios claiming that it violates copyright and should be banned.CCTV Video Security Camera Systems is closed circuit television.The two early consumer DVR was ReplayTV and TiVo.users are Watching pre-recorded programs which allow to fast-forward through commercials,.they were were launched at the 1998 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.Different types of cctv cameras are Board Cameras,C Mount Cameras,IR Cameras,IP Cameras,Zoom Cameras,Speed Dome Cameras.

Wiring The primary work of a cctv camera is to convert light into a video signal,.S.All cctv cameras require an optical lens to focus the light onto an image sensor located directly behind the lens inside the cctv camera. Recording device, VCR or a digital video recorder. Many are also designed to record audio .. This type of copy is disallowed under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act if the disc is encrypted.There are several application of is different from broadcast television .DVR is configured for physical security applications and record video signals from CCTV cameras CCTV Connectors Manufacturers for detection and documentation purposes.The function of the lens is to limit and focus light at the image sensor of the cctv camera.these are harddisk based DVR.A basic CCTV system comprises of the following;Camera, lens and power supply. In the U.the term DVR includes stand-alone set-top boxes, portable media players and camcorders that record in memory card and software for personal computers which enables video capture and playback to and from disk.

A lens can automatically control the amount of light that reaches the imaging sensor, are used in where amount of light vary and varying weather.A DVR CCTV system provides a multiple functions over VCR technology including video searches by event, time, date and camera.there are many DVD-based DVRs have the capability to copy content from a source DVD.cctv was generally developed in banks for increased security but now after time in general video surveillance and home security it is also used.the video can be recorded in a digital format to diskdrive,usb key driveor any memory medium within a device.CCTV Video Security Camera Systems.

Digital video recorders(DVR) are also changing the way television programs advertise products.LG ELECTRONICS in 2007 offer televisions with DVR hardware and software built into the television itself.because all the equipment is directly connected together with cables or wireless transmitters that can not be received by standard television as equipment.A DVR OR Digital Video Recorder can record video.All cctv camera requires optical lenses. This feature has been controversial for the last decade. some technology also allows users to remove commercials entirely.