What DVR?

This is basically the unit that records all the footage from the cameras that you can view at any time.com/product/cctv-power-supplies/">CCTV Power Supplies cameras or outdoors?

Outside gets a little more expensive but the small additional costs are worth covering your external entry points to the premises.chinacctvproducts.

Also there are possible interference problems when going down the wireless route.

How do I backup my Footage?

The recordings can just tape over the old footage after 30 days or so or you may want to back them up to CD, network PC or USB. An article in 'New Scientist' magazine showed that simply installing a home security CCTV system can reduce crime by over 95%.

Do I need infrared?

If you want to see clearly in black and white at night then yes you should opt for a camera that has infrared.chinacctvproducts.

For example if the your front door camera was set up correctly with the motion detection setting, you would only see who had come to your front door throughout the day with out having to manually wind the DVR forward.

.These days home security and DIY CCTV is a huge industry.

How much do you need to record? 30 days non stop? Less or more you need to decide to make your choice capacity wise on what size of CCTV Power Supplies Hard Drive you will need to buy to run in the DVR.

Constant recording or motion detection?

POE Switches Suppliers Do you want to see everything the cameras see throughout the day and night or would you prefer them to be set on motion detection so they record only what moves past them.

Crooks are simply less likely to attack a property with some sort of security deterrent, especially a security camera.

Statistics have shown large reductions in the amount of crime being committed where cameras have been installed.

CAT5 cables or Coaxial?

You can run the traditional Coaxial cable to power and process the signal to the cameras throughout your home security CCTV setup.

Customers inform us that they are having similar results in all types of business; you will begin to appreciate why CCTV is seen by many as the best system for deterrent and detection.com/">CCTV Accessories route with some clever little converters that do away with all the power supply hassles!

However due to transformers that are required to power each camera unit, we always recommend the CAT5
CCTV Connectors Manufacturers Here you will learn the best configuration for your home security CCTV environment and we will explain it in half the time it takes the competition too!

This really is great, free, quick and easy advice which you wont find anywhere else without having to spend a chunk of money!

So lets get started!

IP or traditional cameras?

The IP home security CCTV market is developing rapidly but is an extremely costly route. These choices will all affect the budget for your home security CCTV system.

Welcome to our site where we try to cut out the needless technical talk and let you in on the simple facts, top tips and relevant choices that you will have to make when selecting the correct home security CCTV solution that is best for you. For the home market the traditional cameras are perfect with an unlimited life span and much easier on the bank balance!

Wired or Wireless?

Are you able to run wires around your premises for your home security CCTV setup or does it need to be wireless? Remember even if it is wireless, you will still need power for the camera from a local power supply. Motion detection
CCTV Cables manufacturers allows for greatly increased recording capacity on the DVR.chinacctvproducts. Constant leaps in technology means affordable home security is now available to everyone. Home and small business owners are discovering the advantages and piece of mind that CCTV can bring.

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